Accounting is a vital element for any business transactions. However it can be time consuming and exhausting especially for small businesses and self-employed people. Hiring a team of qualified accountants can cost a fortune.

EZYcount is offering an accounting solution with its ability to provide an automated way of accounting for your money in blockchain. It allows customers to connect all their money transactions from bank accounts e-commerce payments and all other payments EZYcount will easily do all the accounting. EZYcount is on a venture to ensure that accounting is automated. AI blockchain accounting technology is the solution to every accounting problem.In order to achieve this venture EZYcount has launched EZYcount Taal tokens.

About EZYcount Taal Tokens

EZYcount Taal tokens means Token-As-A-License(TAAL). Taal is a lifetime software License offered by EZYcount for its accounting software. Taal is expected to last 99 years which is a substantial time to have all your accounting problems handled. If you want to buy EZYcount tokens you can choose to purchase in the private sale which will allow you to get a bonus. You can also purchase the tokens during their public sale. For every CHF invested, you will receive 10 tokens.

EZYcount Automated Blockchain Accounting Advantages

These tokens can be traded and will appreciate in value as EZYcount demand increases. A token owner will be in a position to sell and buy Taal based on the Ardor market place.

It will provide an easy method of accounting unlike the tiring manual systems. EZYcount makes accounting seamless and its features are user friendly.

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Provides small businesses and the self-employed an opportunity to focus on growing their wealth without worrying about accounting.

EZYcount tokens give a golden opportunity to invest in a company that is hoping to expand not only in Switzerland but worldwide. In addition it provides an assurance of your investment being secure.

Provision of a credible software license-unlike most software licenses which are prone to hackers and also vary in different countries. Taal is a credible access to legit and secure license.

The code on the token is usually available to use immediately and still has the potential to appreciate its value in the future.

Storing EZYcount Taal Tokens

Token holders can store their Taal on the official Ardor wallet which is a reliable and safe way to store them.

EZYcount also offers to help Taal users manage their tokens and ease the burden of operating the Ardor wallet. This comes in handy because there is still a large number of people that are unfamiliar with blockchain technology.

Taal tokens can be traded on the Ardor marketplace which is in the Ardor wallet to sell and buy the tokens.

The Value of EZYcount Tokens is expected to appreciate in the years to come. Purchasing the tokens will give one a user an opportunity to access the EZYcount software. EZYcount seeks to acquire 5% of the automated accounting market. This means that as EZYcount becomes more popular more users will subscribe and use it the value of the token is directly related to number of clients acquired by EZYcount.

You can access the information on the tokens prices from a price chart which is provided by EZYcount.

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EZYcount tokens have come to revolutionize the accounting industry and launching the token sale is a major stride towards that.

EZYcount TaaL Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Sale Date: 15 SEP – 15 OCT
  • Token Price: CHF 0.10 (~ USD 0.10)
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH, BCC, LTC
  • Total Supply: 20,000,000
  • Hard Cap: CHF 2M/CHF 1M



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