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Facebook is adding three new tools to help nonprofits fundraise across its platforms including a new donation button on Instagram and a donate sticker for Facebook Stories.

Facebook has long been a fundraising-friendly platform for nonprofits. And now the company is adding three new tools to help them raise even more money.

Facebook is finally adding a donate sticker for Stories. The format has grown in popularity with nonprofits as it allows better storytelling and promotion of behind-the-scene content. Facebook has now decided to replicate the success of the Instagram donation sticker on Instagram on its own version of Stories.

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Facebook is also extending its gaming charity live streams to more of its Level Up gamers. They’ll be able to select a cause of their choice and request that their viewers donate money as they watch them game live. The streamer can set a goal amount, and a notification will pop up in the chat as people donate.

Finally, Instagram will soon offer a more permanent way to fundraise with a “Donate” button right on the profile of nonprofits. Located next to the contact  tab, the new button will provide permanent access to fundraising.

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