Brave the Shave is celebrating its 13th year with a countdown that gives many reasons to get involved.

Fifty Reasons To Care is a Facebook campaign, Brave the Shave is promoting to countdown to its annual event.

Each day a child from North Dakota is featured along with their story through their battle with pediatric cancer.

Emersyn Decker has many reasons behind her happiness.

“I like to do crafts and color, and I like to play with my toys,” said Emersyn.

She is also reason number 46 behind Brave the Shave.

“November of 2019 she kept getting fevers on and off and we didn’t really know why. We were in the clinic a few times, and finally they did some blood work and they diagnosed her with Leukemia,” said Jenny Vestre, Emersyn’s mother.

Fitfy Reasons To Care recognizes children like Emersyn who are currently battling or those who have died from pediatric cancers.

“It’s to connect people together to show kids that someone cares about them and loves them and wants them to know that they’re not alone in this journey,” said Craig Schwietzer, with Brave the Shave.

The posts highlight the hardships many of the children face while enduring their fight.

“Her medicine only takes about 30 minutes or so, but we are often there all day long. Right now we go about every 10 days and that changes a lot so we never really know,” said Vestre.

And a sense of a normal life is many times lost.

“She’s missed out on a lot of the normal kid stuff already, birthday parties and play dates. So, were just try to make her feel as normal as possible while we continue to go to the hospital a lot,” said Vestre.

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The campaign aims to put local faces to pediatric cancer.

“It’s really amazing to go on Facebook and look as all the posts come out of all these kids and the lives that have been touched and frankly the battles that have been waged by these kids and their families,” said Mike Eggl, with Brave the Shave.

While sharing their happiest moments.

“To see a kid who went through three years of treatment and gets the ring the bell saying he’s done, 7 or 8-years old that’s meaningful and its meaningful because it matters,” said Eggl.

Sharing the faces and stories of those impacted most, to inspire others to brave the shave.

To follow along with the 50 reasons to care stories, you can follow Brave the Shave on Facebook.

Coordinators say they hope to surpass the $4 million mark during their Brave the Shave event on April 4.



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