Facebook’s Tuned app is for couples to create an ‘intimate space’ (Facebook)

Facebook has taken the wraps off a new service called Tuned that lets couples privately message each other and create a ‘digital scrapbook’.

The app was created by the social network’s New Product Experimental (NPE) team – which does pretty much what it says on the tin.

As well as creating Pintrest-like scrapbooks, couples can also exchange music with each other by connecting to Spotify. They can also send photos, cards, notes and voice memos to each other as well as just sharing their mood.

Facebook has long been wanting to get into the dating space but this appears to be separate from that. This is being billed as a ‘private space’ for intimate social networking. But, according to reports, it doesn’t boast the same end-to-end encryption as WhatsApp, another Facebook property.

Tuned is currently only available for iOS users and is only available in the US and Canada.

Facebook launched the NPE team last summer in a bid to diversify its product offering. So far the team has come up with a meme-making app and a Pinterest clone.