Facebook launches new user privacy tool – Seeking Alpha

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is introducing a new feature focused on user privacy that adds some sunlight to data collected from other sites.

It’s made a tool called “Off-Facebook Activity” available to show its users what data it’s collecting from other businesses about activity on those outside sites (information it uses to show relevant ads). And it’s allowing users to clear that info from their accounts if desired.

It marks a “new level of transparency and control,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says in a post. “We’ve been working on this for a while because we had to rebuild some of our systems to make this possible.”

It’s also alerts for third-party logins (when users sign in to other services such as games or streaming platforms) to help track how accounts are being used. And it will be prompting nearly 2B users to review privacy settings over the next few weeks.


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