Facebook Live Q&A: News, Earnings Analysis and More – The Information

Join us for a special live video call this Thursday to discuss the recent news surrounding Facebook. 

Joining the call will be Alex Heath, The Information’s Facebook reporter who has broken some of the biggest news surrounding AR/VR, Libra and Facebook’s news initiatives. Martin Peers, The Information’s Managing Editor will join to discuss why Facebook’s growth-earnings multiple lags behind their competitors. Tom Dotan will also attend to break down Facebook’s media strategy for 2020. 

We will discuss: 

– Wednesday’s earnings report. 

– Can Facebook mitigate slowing revenue growth while also increasing its investments in safety, security, and more far-flung areas like AR/VR?

– It has been a time of record stock market highs for Facebook and its competitors, but investors appear to be more concerned about Facebook’s regulatory pressures relative to its peers. (Read: Facebook Is Already Paying a Regulatory Tax—in Its Stock Price

– What areas of the business will Facebook prioritize in 2020?

– Your questions during the live Q&A portion.


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