It’s probably something you’ve never even thought about before — but just what exactly are those lines in the bottom of your freezer there for?

Turns out, lots of people have an opinion.

In fact, Facebook users are caught up in a fierce debate about the purpose of those raised lines you’ll find on the bottom shelf of a freezer.

The heated conversation began when a woman took to social media to claim they were specifically designed to stand up meat trays.

Sharing the post on Facebook, the woman asked: “How old were you when you found out the lines at the bottom of the freezer were made to stand the meat trays up?”

Alongside this, she uploaded photos of around a dozen meat packages resting side-by-side against the raised white grooves.

The post quickly went viral and has now been shared over 600 times and received hundreds of comments.

Many seem to have bought into the poster’s suggestion, writing: “We’ve been adulting wrong,” and: “Now that makes sense.”

However, others weren’t entirely convinced by her hypothesis.

One person pointed out any blood in the packets would simply pool at the bottom, while another said the theory didn’t account for meat trays that came in different sizes.

Others suggested the grooves were for air circulation.

“Doubt it — more like air circulation so your stuff doesn’t stick to the bottom,” one message said.

Another agreed: “It is. My dad was a white goods mechanic, it’s what he always said. It’s for cold circulation.”

One person suggested: “They’re to slide in your ice trays.”

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But just what are those mysterious lines really meant to be used for?

On Quora, a place where people helpfully “share” knowledge and information, no one knew yet — with the question remaining completely unanswered.

However the team have spoken to an expert at Appliances Online and can confirm the ridges in the bottom are for air circulation, which keeps your vegies fresher and helps for cleaning purposes too.

“In fridges and freezers, air cannot circulate around properly if there are items placed on flat surfaces,” Colin Jones, Category Expert at the online retailer told

“Without the ridges the temperature becomes humid which affects the food stored inside,” he said.

“But the vents allow air to be pushed around the freezer to keep it cool and helping your food last longer.”

Colin also added that the grooves help when it comes to storing things, especially in the freezer.

“If someone stacked an ice cube tray on a flat bottom freezer shelf, that thing would stick like glue and become impossible to get out,” he said, adding he’d had a “right chuckle” over the whole online debacle.

“Imagine stacking trays of raw meat up the way it was suggested, it would be a right mess,” Colin said. “It’s a very weird suggestion.”

So there you have it, those ridges have nothing to do with your meat trays — but that doesn’t mean you can’t stack them like that if you feel like it.



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