Fairfield company offering new, less intrusive tech for taking temperatures – Hamilton Journal News

“This product can be fitted everywhere,” he said.

Here’s how the device works: The device activates when someone walks up to the tablet-sized device. The person positions into an outlined area and reads a person’s body temperature with an infrared camera mounted to the top of the device. It will announce if the temperature is normal or if a fever is detected. If a fever is detected, an alarm will sound.

The device can also be mounted in transportation situations, such as on trains, streetcars and buses. It can also be set up at parking lots and garages.

While the device can be used right out of the box, it can be hooked into a company’s network where it can track an employee’s entry into a building and their daily temperature. Data collected can only be accessed from the device. Though it has facial recognition capabilities, that function can be disabled, said Snug.

There are additional applications for the device when connected to a network or security system, such as a replacement for a key fob or card and a time card system.

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“It’s easy to use, easy to set up. It’s giving everybody peace of mind,” said CKS sales manager Ray Barnes. “It’s something that’s needed I think right now.”

The product is manufactured in South Korea, but some parts are manufactured in Germany, Snug said.

The cost for one unit is $2,199 which Snug said can be pricey for small operations, so he and Barnes have developed lease options to make it affordable for small operations.

“There are a lot of different features that can be adapted to this system,” said Snug.


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