Fashion and Function: The Swiss Brand Breitling Watches for Your Collection

Fashion and Function: The Swiss Brand Breitling Watches for Your Collection

The Swiss watchmaking industry has successfully introduced the collection of fashionable, elegant, and luxurious watches of Breitling in the market many years ago. Since its inception in 1884, the Breitling company has been successfully one of the leading companies across the globe that never failed to produce luxury watches in response to different fashion and watch needs of a wide range of timepiece lovers and collectors.

Nowadays, most people always incorporate a wristwatch into their fashion for various occasions. If you’re one of those fans of these wearables, you might have a particular set of timepieces you want to wear for a specific event. It could be for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, informal or casual meetings, corporate conferences, and many other social gatherings and celebrations. Hence, check these beautiful luxury watches of Breitling below that you won’t surely have any second thoughts in adding them to your timepiece collection.

Breitling Aviator 8 Chronograph

One of the Breitling watches that the company became proud of is this Aviator 8 chronograph with the model number: AB01192A1L1X1. You’ll surely fall in love with its green dial color and luminescent finish that will definitely look elegant on your wrist and will look so wonderful. The hour markers are in Arabic numerals with gorgeous luminous green hands.

The design is intentionally for men, but some women get interested in this timepiece and find it so pretty on their wrists. The primary material used for its case is stainless steel and for the band is fabric. That’s why you’ll surely find this watch cool on your wrist because you can wear it on various occasions and events. Besides that, it fits into different clothing styles and skin colors.

Moreover, this Breitling watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters. It has a round shape with 43 millimeters in total diameter. One exciting thing about this watch is the back portion of the case, which is transparent, and it clearly adds to its beautiful style. Hence, if you’re planning to add another timepiece to your collection, this Breitling watch will be one of your best options.

Breitling Superocean Heritage II Chronograph

Another masterpiece of Breitling is the Superocean Heritage II Chronograph with A13313161C1S1 as its watch model number. You’ll surely find it interesting with the lovely blue dial display and luminescent finish that will definitely look great on your wrist. Besides that, it also has luminescent hands moving around the indexes that are in a beautiful arrow shape.

The material used in its case is stainless steel, and the bracelet can be either steel or rubber, depending on your preference. It has a round shape with 44 millimeters in total diameter. Just like the previous watch discussed above, the Superocean Heritage II Chronograph is also water-resistant, but it’s up to 200 meters. Hence, the overall design and style of this luxury watch deserve a spot in your timepiece collection.

Breitling Navitimer 1 Automatic Chronometer

The Breitling company always takes pride in this next luxury watch that is available in the market today. This stunning masterpiece is the Navitimer 1 Automatic Chronometer with the watch model number: A17325241B1P1. One interesting fact about this watch is its bracelet. The company chose a very durable and stylish material for its band, and its the alligator leather.

That’s why you can have an assurance that you’ll have the best quality of your timepiece because the company always makes sure that you’ll get what you pay for. Moreover, when it comes to the watch’s design, you’ll indeed fall in love with the color black of its dial display with the hands that are in luminous silver shade. Hence, choosing the Navitimer 1 Automatic Chronometer can never be wrong that you can add to your precious timepiece collection.

Breitling Bentley B05 Unitime Mens Watch

This next watch masterpiece of Breitling has a model number: AB0521U0/A755, and it’s the Bentley B05 Unitime. The design is intentionally for men. However, some women do find this particular timepiece lovely on their wrists. The white dial display and the polished finish significantly create a feel of simplicity and elegance at the same time.

Moreover, you’ll also find it lovely to see the luminous hands moving around the display that are all in silver tone. Both the case and the band of this watch are made of stainless steel. The round shape of the bezel has a total diameter of 49 millimeters. Hence, you can never have any second thoughts when you put this watch on your wrist, and it also deserves to own a spot on your lovely timepiece collection.


The four watches discussed above are only a few of those that the Breitling company can offer. You can take a look and choose a timepiece that you think will fit your fashion taste and lifestyle. Don’t worry because Breitling will make sure that you’ll find one that you need.

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