Fatcom will let you trade in thirty-two (32) different assets through the newly incepted PegNet. PegNet has been launched by an open-source blockchain -Fatcom Protocol- for that purpose.

The thing that’s extremely alluring about the service is that whatever asset you’re using trading in for, you’ll have to pay a negligible fee. Yes, there is a fee, but the trades will only cost you 0.001 dollars.

What is PegNet?

The PegNet will allow trade between buyers and sellers making trades with assets ranging from the highly volatile and incredibly non-tangible cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin (BTC) itself to the cherished, ever so stable Gold all on one platform going out to the buyer whose willing to pay an equivalent amount in any of the thirty-two (32) assets.

The Marketing Chairman (CM) of Fatcom Protocol, Greg Frost, acknowledges the fact that trading in digital assets has not been a mainstream thing in the past due to transaction fees being imposed. So Fatcom has decided that you’ll be charged a dollar on every 100th transaction you make- that is what the math states at this point.

The company deals with all the business that goes on once a transaction has been started thus cutting out third party solutions which would otherwise have to be paid, resulting in delays in transactions, acknowledgments, security flaws and yes- a raise in what you pay for the trade. Making the whole process native to the company operating primarily for your sake is what keeps the trade transaction fee in check.

Being a decentralized blockchain, The Fatcom Protocol has allowed the nodes to be turned into Pegs – pegs as in PegNet. It’s safe to say that the whole scheme is quite secure with the miners running the errands to communicate the oracles’ asset prices.

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The Factoids (FCT) are what the Fatcom refers to as its native cryptocurrency while the whole system works on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original dream of a decentralized system with encrypted data stored on nodes and not as smart contracts on the blockchain.




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