Father’s Day is observed all over the globe today (June 16) in honour of fathers and all aspects of fatherhood. The celebration, just like Mother’s Day in March, typically starts off with a warm hug, an exchange of gifts and wishes first thing in the morning. This year, Father’s Day falls on a weekend, meaning families have a chance to spend the day together. However, should you be far away from your father today or would simony like to surprise them with a heartfelt message, here are some quotes and wishes you can send them right now through .

Father’s Day 2019 WhatsApp wishes, messages, quotes and greetings

1. You’re one in a million, dad! Happy Father’s Day!

2. Happy Father’s Day and who knows, soon it might be Happy Grandad Day!

3. Happy Father’s Day dad! I may have outgrown you but I still look up to you.

4. Dad, you are truly a king among fathers. Lot’s of love from us today.


5. Happy Father’s Day! No one cracks a Dad Joke quite like you!

6. Everyone has a father but not everyone has a dad like you. Happy Father’s Day 2019.

7. Happy Father’s Day 2019! I couldn’t ask for a better dad!

8. All of my fondest memories in one way or another go back to you dad. Happy Father’s Day!


9. Dad, you made growing up fun but you also taught me all the valuable lessons. I love you!

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10. Thank you day for everything you have done for me over the years. Happy Father’s Day 2019!

11. Happy Father’s Day today! I couldn’t have asked for a better father than you!

12. Dad, there is a special place in my heart for our bond. Nothing can break it.


13. Happy Father’s Day! You and Mum have been the perfect parents! See you soon!

14. Thank you dad for giving me an example of how to lead a fair life. Love you.

15. Happy Father’s Day 2019 from the family and the grandkids! Lots and lots of love from us today and every day.

16. Happy Father’s Day! I’ so glad we got to spend so much time together.



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