Fathers, Here Are Top Child Custody Tips You Should Practice

Fathers, Here Are Top Child Custody Tips You Should Practice

Whether you are divorced, contemplating divorce, or in a shaky relationship, fighting for child custody is a challenging task. In most cases, the mother of your children will employ all the tactics to deny you child custody. She may resort to knock-down tactics or drag-out fights. So, regardless of your circumstances, understanding how to fight for child custody is one of the most important things in a divorce case. Start by hiring the best divorce attorney Houston Tx. To help you navigate through this thorny route, this article is going to delve into the tips and tricks you need to succeed in a child custody case.

Play an Active Role in the Lives of Your Kids

Play an active role in your kid’s lives. Live with them. Play with your kids. Don’t live apart. However, if you aren’t living together, consider visiting them regularly. Talk with your kids over the phone. Conduct video calls with your kids. Take a walk with your kids. Go hiking together. Indulge in different activities. Consider helping them complete their homework. Play football together. In a nutshell, spending more time with your kids creates a strong bond.

Be Honest

Parenting isn’t easy—especially if you have a full-time job. That’s why you need to embrace honesty. For instance, tell the judge how you will navigate through these highly demanding responsibilities. If you cannot leave your job to take kids to school, consider telling the judge what you will do to ensure that is ok. Also, if your work is all about traveling, tell the judge how you will make sure that your kids are taken to and from the school.

Avoid Social Media

Social medial can sabotage your case. For instance, irresponsive social media posting can end up sabotaging your case. If you have to post anything on social media, do it responsibly. Everything should depict the image of a caring and responsive father.

Seek Advice

There are several people who have been in this situation before. So, consider getting advice from these people. They have helpful insights that can help you win a child custody case.

Keep Child Custody Case to Yourself

On the surface, lowering your child support obligation is one of the best ways to avoid more expenses. However, this can portray another picture—a father who doesn’t care about his kids. Instead, avoid discussing matters to do with child support when handling child custody cases.

Don’t Ignore Mediation

Mediation is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways of dealing with child cases. With mediation, you avoid costly court expenses. Plus, you won’t have to undergo the stress of taking your case to court. Remember, leaving things to the judge can breed permanent toxic feelings when it comes to your relationship. So, the best bet is looking for a skilled mediator. Be reasonable.  Consider all the options on the table. Put your kids first. Don’t be selfish.

The Bottom-Line

Divorce cases are emotional in nature. This is especially true when it comes to child custody. Here, no partner wants to give in. Plus, not employing the right tactics may see you lose the case. That’s why it’s important to employ the above tips and tricks when fighting for the custody of your kids.

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