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The FBI in a new advisory is warning the public about cybercriminals who have created fake domains attributed to the law enforcement agency.

According to the bureau, it has observed unattributed cyber actors registering numerous domains that spoof legitimate FBI websites.

These spoofed domains and email accounts are used by nation-state actors and hackers to gather personal information and distribute false information.

These domains are created with slightly altered characteristics of legitimate domains, according to the FBI.

A spoofed domain may feature an alternate spelling of a word, or use an alternative top-level domain, such as a “[.]com” version of a legitimate “[.]gov” website. Members of the public could unknowingly visit spoofed domains while seeking information regarding the FBI’s mission, services, or news coverage. Additionally, cyber actors may use seemingly legitimate email accounts to entice the public into clicking on malicious files or links.

Although the FBI didn’t mention any specific nation-state or hacking group responsible, it listed dozens of spoofed FBI-related domains:

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Identified Spoofed Domains
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Registered Spoofed Domains but Currently Unable to Resolve


The FBI recommends verifying the legitimacy of the website, not opening emails or attachments from unknown sources, ensure systems and applications are up to date, using two-factor authentication and other cybersecurity measures to combat these attacks.


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