Finding a Reliable CBD Distillate Manufacturer

Finding a Reliable CBD Distillate Manufacturer

Let us burst your CBD bubble, POOOOF!

Actually, there are not many high-quality CBD oils available on the market today. A lot of them are low quality and can even be contaminated with pesticides. So how can you find a reliable manufacturer? Read on and find out how to get value for your money today.

How Trusted CBD Manufacturers Obtain CBD Oil

GVB Biopharma is an excellent option if you are looking for a reliable white label manufacturer for your cannabis extract needs. They begin their process with organically grown industrial hemp, which is tested for contaminants (if it’s not lab tested, don’t trust them). They then extract CBD Distillate or isolate it from the plant using industry leading extraction methods.

Their CBD Distillates are extracted from the whole plant and can contain naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes as well.  We back GVB as a reliable manufacturer because they always provide third-party testing results for all of their products to prove that they are free of contaminants or pesticides.

What to Look for When Selecting a Good CBD Oil Manufacturer

A reliable CBD oil producer needs to be very careful with testing their products. The CBD oil must be analyzed by a third-party laboratory for its cannabinoid profile and contaminants. Trusted companies always provide third-party testing results so customers can check the CBD oil quality themselves before buying.

Is it full spectrum or isolated? The CBD extract is one of the most valuable compounds in the cannabis plant, but you need to find a reliable manufacturer if you want to get an actual CBD product. Trusted companies offer full spectrum CBD oil products alongside broad spectrum and CBD isolate. This way you get to choose what best suits your needs. For instance, you may not want any psychoactive compound so you go for a CBD distillate manufacturer.

Is your company using CO2 or Ethanol extraction? Or other methods? You need to find out what extraction method is being used to obtain the resulting CBD oil or isolate. This method uses high temperatures and pressure to extract CBD. Trusted companies must provide this information, because if they use cheap solvents, like butane or propane, the CBD concentration levels will be affected as a result.  A trusted CBD manufacturer for CBG isolate must be transparent about their extraction method and provide independent testing results for customers.

How to Know If a Trusted CBD Manufacturer is Selling Fakes?

  1. Check the certificate of analysis for impurities and potency
  2. Search for their online presence and watch out for negative reviews and ratings
  3. Seek referral from past buyers
  4. Beware of manufacturers making outright medical claims
  5. Has your manufacturer been busted for flouting processing regulations?

How to Find a Reliable Hemp Extract Manufacturer?

CBD manufacturers normally use industrial hemp, but make sure that it’s organic! Industrial hemp should never be treated with pesticides or herbicides. These companies will most of the time trickle down into the finished products. The results? Reduced potency or adverse side effects.

If you are looking for a CBD manufacturer in California for full spectrum CBD oil, why not give them a call today? GVB Biopharma is genuinely serious about potency and purity.

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