Finding the Perfect French Tutor

Finding the Perfect French Tutor

The concept of French language teaching has undergone a profound change in the past few years. Around five to seven years back, one would have to pack his/her bags and set off for a French-speaking region to get direct and affordable access to real French native speakers. But times have changed! 

There is no doubt that the earlier concept was more liberating and had a profound cultural value attached to the whole process, but today, there is no need to go to far-off places and enroll in some fly-by-night language courses. We live in the age of online education, and qualified language professionals are waiting to work with the students to reach their language goals. 

Online education is more helpful than spending countless hours listening to French through movies without really picking up the language correctly. All of these will end when you decide to begin your search for the perfect french tutor

Here we will learn why and how you should invest in an excellent French tutor. We all understand that learning a new language is not easy, but when you have an excellent French teacher with you, learning becomes much more manageable. 

Learning French through French

It is the most vital point for any language training. Many experts believe that learning French through a native speaker is the best possible approach for mastering the language. It can be a bit overwhelming for the beginners, but one will do himself a world of good when it comes to pronunciation and comprehending the language by jumping right into the big pool. 

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One might feel that he is drowning right from Day I, but the tutor is always there to save you and guide you. If you are a beginner, then go for a tutor that understands a bit of English, but you should opt for 100% French if you are an intermediate learner. 

Learn French that you will need

This statement will irk many, and they may get the wrong notion that we are suggesting selective learning! Well, it is the contrary. Do you know that the French language is spoken differently in Senegal, Quebec, Morocco, Belgium, and Paris! Yes, that’s true. It would help if you introspective why you want to learn this language and for what purpose. 

Are you planning to travel, study or live abroad in a French-speaking place? Then it would be best if you chose a tutor who speaks the French of that region. Today, there are several learning websites where one will come across lots of French tutors who will cater to your specific needs. 

You should learn and converse with that person to pick up the French of the intended region. There is no doubt that French is a global language, and if you are of the adventurous type, you can choose tutors from different areas to better comprehend the language. 

Consider the cultural aspect

When you are learning a language, simply memorizing the vocabulary is not enough. An effort should be there to learn the language deeply so that the students get acquainted with the target language’s cultural aspect. When you work with a native French tutor, you get insider knowledge about the country’s culture and events. 

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When you learn from a French tutor who has a definite inclination towards the country’s culture, you will be able to learn about the traditions and views of the life of France. Learning becomes more enriching and fun, and each day you get to learn about a new side of the esteemed French culture. 

Pick a tutor who believes in regular feedback

Experts believe that when you are learning a language from a tutor, you should ensure that you meet with him/her at least two times a week. It will help you develop good study habits, and you will also get timely feedback on your progress. The tutor should be able to adapt to your pace of learning, focus on the weak areas, and strengthen your comprehension and pronunciation power. 

When searching for a tutor, look for one who is available even on weekends, although that is not mandatory if you are not willing to commit yourself on weekends. The main thing is that the tutor must be available on your desired timings and should be ready to adjust his/her schedule as per your convenience. 

Make language learning fun

Language learning is sometimes dull when you are learning it alone. You can depend on word of mouth and look for a French tutor capable of making the learning process fun and interactive through quiz games, PDFs, print-outs, and grammar activities that test your skill and knowledge. 

Sometimes a tutor breaks up his classes into sections that also include fun activities. It is not possible to know whether a tutor does that or not beforehand. Still, you can check his profile and reviews to understand the methodology usually adopted by the tutor. 

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Choose a tutor who speaks a lot

Now, this statement seems funny, but it is so important when you are learning a language. Get hold of a tutor who speaks a lot, and when you begin classes with him/her, get a pen and paper ready. Always jot down the new words and ask them later about its meaning if you do not understand in the first instance. 

One way of enhancing your vocabulary is to repeat what the tutor says so that your accent gets neutralized. The tutor should encourage the learner’s questions as this strategy works wonders when you are learning a language. 

Now that you have understood how to find the perfect French tutor, it is essential to distinguish between teachers and tutors. The teachers have a diploma and professionals, and sometimes they are very experienced. 

On the other hand, Tutors may not have high-profile teaching diplomas but have mastery of the language through their practical knowledge, and this trait is the most revered one. If you are looking to learn the language properly and speak better, you should find an excellent French tutor. 

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