Five 3D Printed Running Shoes

Five 3D Printed Running Shoes

3D printing Seattle is used for a lot of applications. This technique is for example employed in order to develop shoes. Many brands have already created 3D printed sneakers. Besides that, you can also find running shoes on the market that have been made with the help of 3D printing San Jose. In this article you can find five examples. 

Adidas Futurecraft

Adidas Futurecraft are 3D printed sneakers that can be used as running shoes too. These were actually given to the athletes that won an Olympic medal at the Rio Olympics 2016. The first one to receive the sneakers was Tyla Nathan-Wong. The Adidas Futurecraft have a 3D printed heel counter, while the extremely breathable Primeknit upper is 3D printed as well. The shoes have dense zones in high force areas. 

Under Amour 3D Clutch Fit

Adidas is not the only brand that has created 3D shoes, Under Amour has used this process as well. These trendy sneakers come in red, white, and blue colors. The 3D Clutch Fit is a super hybrid trainer shoe and was actually worn by Michael Phelps. In fact, Under Amour designed these shoes specifically for the swimming legend. Since then they have been developed for regular customers as well in many different colors and versions. 

New Balance Vazee Sigma

New Balance have moved into the 3D printed shoes industry as well. The company created the Vazee Sigma specifically for Trayvon Bromell, who is an American sprinter. These shoes were designed to maximize the transfer of energy from the foot, to the ground, and forward.  They seem to work since Bromell performed really well in them. However, others can use the Vazee Sigma shoes as well as running shoes. 

Nike 3D Printed Silicon Protrusion Zoom Superfly Elite

Nike has been riding the 3D printing waves too. They developed silicon protrusions in the popular Zoom Superfly Elite shoes in order to direct air flow around the runner that efficiently speeds up the spikes. This was done with the help of 3D printing, which was used to create an amount of different spike plates.

Hyperion Brook 3D Running Shoe

Brooks is a top running specialist that worked with Desiree Linden to design these shoes. It is a light and fast road-running shoe for women designed in a way to maximize efficiency and energy return. 3D printing was used to develop these trendy shoes.

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