Five Aspects to Consider before Choosing CCTV Surveillance System for Your Home

Five Aspects to Consider before Choosing CCTV Surveillance System for Your Home

With the evolution in surveillance and technological advancement, CCTV cameras are available for more than just security. CCTV cameras are not a hardware device anymore to secure a premise but the surveillance solutions provided by the companies are bringing profound benefits for the users.

Below are the five aspects which must be considered before investing in a surveillance system for your home. You can also check CCTV Direct for the latest equipment and CCTV accessories.

1. What Do You Need Monitoring for?

What do you need to monitor can determine the visibility of the cameras. Some cameras are quite large and obvious to the audience, allowing people to see that they are being monitored. Box cameras work best for such obvious visualisation. On the other hand, some camera models can be small enough to fit in your hand and work best for discrete uses. The dome cameras are best used for situations where discrete surveillance is required. Another important thing to recognise is the area which is needed to be covered by the cameras. Pan Tilt Zoom cameras provide surveillance for expansive areas.

2. Indoor or Outdoor Use of Cameras

It is important to figure out a surveillance system keeping in mind the indoor or outdoor use. It includes identifying the features like mounting and housing of the cameras. Distinguishing between indoor and outdoor use is beneficial in the context of availing cameras with relevant features. For instance, in extremely cold environments, the cameras must have an inbuilt heater enabling operations despite the weather conditions.

3. Requirement of Image Clarity

You should keep in mind the areas that need monitoring while deciding the image clarity or the camera resolution. In bigger spaces like retail markets etc., the camera resolution should be high to avoid blur images. However, spaces like homes and rooms do not require high resolution cameras. Therefore, it is important to identify the mounting of cameras and spaces so that the money is effectively invested. CCTV direct provides a range of HD-TVI cameras for image clarity.

4. Lighting Conditions

The lighting conditions present at the premises should match the cameras used. It is, therefore, advisable to check a couple of models and see what works best given the lighting conditions in a room or even the outdoor. In this context, the direction of light is as important in order to assess where the reflection will be, the glare etc. The current range of cameras that are available in the market is designed in a way that incorporates aspects like that. These cameras are designed to get usable footage in a range of lighting conditions. IR filters and artificial illuminators are examples of light filtering technology that allow to reduce or amplify the light to the sensors.

5. Importance of the Audio

The audio is an important part of the surveillance system. You must decide if the audio should be integrated into the surveillance system beforehand. There are surveillance solutions that integrate the audio well in order to hear and speak with the people. For the use of surveillance systems for homes, integrating the feature of audio is important to investigate unknown people without getting out of the house. CCTV direct provides a range of audio amplifiers as well which can be used along with cctv cameras. In addition, the feature of audio can also be integrated to trigger the recording mechanism imposing a threshold on the audio. The audio can also be integrated easily into a video management system. 

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