‘Flaming UFOs’ spotted on Friday 13th turn out to be a publicity stunt

Looks like a UFO, instead it’s just a modified plane (aeroSPARX)

Residents in Leicester were getting alarmed last Friday (the 13th) after spotting what looked like ‘flaming UFOs’ in the sky.

Several whipped out their phones and scooped some video of the mysterious aerial phenomenon.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a case of alien spacecraft burning up in our atmosphere. Instead, it was a publicity stunt for a local radio station.

As reported by the Leicestershire Live, the producers at BBC Radio Leicester employed fire-spouting planes to promote a new weekday show from a couple of presenters who were being taken up in the planes.

‘The flying lights in the sky over Leicester on Friday night were Aerosparx,’ Radio Leicester editor Sophie Shadlow said.

The concern about UFOs got so real than even the local constabulary had to issue a warning.

Guy Westgate, team leader of Aerosparx and one of the pilots, said: ‘We haven’t had so much fun in ages. Was a genuine pleasure to try and do something new and different.’

AeroSPARX fly planes that spout fire (AeroSPARX)
It was a publicity stunt for a new radio show (AeroSPARX)

‘We often get confused for UFOs, but we have never gone flying before with the intention to make our flight look like something from outer space.

‘We have been overwhelmed by the reaction. It was Friday 13th, with a full moon. Does it get any better?’


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