FM LLC Acquires and Rebrands Binaryoptionshub.Com to Forexbrokerslist.Org

FM LLC Acquires and Rebrands Binaryoptionshub.Com to Forexbrokerslist.Org

The acquisition is relatively recent with FM LLC transferring and re-vamping content to the new domain in only a couple of weeks. The new face of binaryoptionshub is to showcase the risks and dangers associated with this financial asset rather than promote opportunities with trading it.

As most European traders know, the promotion and sales of binary options have been prohibited in the EU for several years now, and ESMA is not going to remove that restriction anytime soon.

However, this has not been a stopping factor for most traders as they manage to find new ways to access binary options trading platforms. In order to avoid reckless trading, will maintain binary options-related content only in the form of warnings and safety measures so that further unnecessary loss is avoided.

“Even though we’ve put emphasis on reviewing the regulation and financial landscape of multiple countries, we still wanted to maintain at least something resembling the previous name of the website. Just changing it completely wouldn’t really do, especially considering that most binaryoptionshub viewers would be redirected to a forex-related website. So, our content team decided that we keep some binary options related content so that once the old visitors come back, they will be met with a relative but a lot more informational and concerning content rather than something enticing them to deposit and get-rich-quick”

Giorgi MIkhelidze – Head of External Webpage Development at FM LLC.

Main focus

Even though the website has retained some remnants of binaryoptionshub it still has a completely different focus. According to FM LLC, they aim to have the largest online rating of online brokers per country on in the future. The website already has a very large number of countries listed under its “Forex broker” category.

Every page provides information about the regulation as well as the requirements for brokers to lawfully accept clients in those regions.

FM LLC has also dedicated a specialized team to the website whose main task will be to find, review, and double-check on the ratings and reputation of brokers operating in specific countries.

According to this team, the biggest issue that traders usually face is not the legitimacy of a company they want to trade with, but their own insecurity with the law. Many countries don’t provide clear explanations on whether forex trading is allowed within their jurisdiction or not. This often leads to a lot of confusion and people find themselves entangled in legal issues.

Forexbrokerslist aims to provide very clear, easy-to-understand, and to-the-point information to people looking for answers in an extremely complicated world of financial institutions and the laws attached to them.

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