FMCG veteran CK Ranganathan announces animal health venture

Cavincare Founder-Chairman CK Ranganathan announced a personal venture into the burgeoning field of animal wellness with the launch of a multi-specialty veterinary hospital in Chennai focusing on evidence based treatment.

The hospital is 7200-sq. ft facility, equipped with an emergency critical care unit monitored by senior consultants, digital X-Ray and ECG machines. The total investment in the hospital was Rs 3 crore. Ranganathan predicted the venture will draw a total investment of Rs 300-400 in five years to expand to 100 such hospitals.

At a hotel in Chennai, the FMCG veteran showcased a small collection of exotic birds and dogs in a display of his passion.

“I grew up with animals. I’m a professional bird breeder; my residence is a bird farm. We have a cow farm too in Cuddalore. (Eastern Tamil Nadu). We had invested in a laboratory for diagnosis, recruiting Veterinarians to treat some diseases…,” he told the press, stressing the animal Heath venture was a personal one.

Ranganathan said his new venture is a result of the thought of expanding homegrown expertise in treating animals for the benefit of the wider public. “We believe our strength lies in a diagnostic approach,” Ranganathan said, adding that in three years, his venture, which is set up as a separate company, will be leveraging artificial intelligence for precision diagnostics.

Ranganathan has been treating and rearing over 2000 birds, two dozen canines, ponies and ostriches and other furry companions.

The venture envisages pet supermarkets, boarding for birds, cats and dogs, pet monitor, pet taxis for emergency transportation and more. Ranganathan will expand it from a single hospital to a chain in the future. “Our plan is to grow a nationwide network of 100 SANCHU Animal Hospitals by 2024…” The venture is open to take strategic partners on board.


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