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Follow this top tip to attract more millennials to your property: Eco friendly investments

Over recent years the world has become more accustomed to creating a better and safer environment to live in, therefore todays younger generation has become more environmentally conscious than ever before. Through a variety of social influences, an awareness of environmental factors and through consumers becoming more aware of the detrimental effects that not living an ethical and eco-friendly life can have on the world, it has created a lifestyle that is sustainable, educated and socially aware of the potential negative impacts.

Should buy to let investors become eco-friendlier?

One of the most prominent issues has been the staggering global use of plastic, which has already begun to be reduced across the UK. Multiple measures such as banning plastic straws and introducing plastic carrier bag charges have highlighted the importance of eco living.

Property investment is an asset can also help to combat the issue, and there is a plethora of ways to heighten the eco friendliness and sustainability of a property, and it boils down to the initial stages – how is it built in the first place?

An increasing number of homes today are being constructed with an environmental focus driving the build. Buildings are so integral to civilisation that estimates suggest that 50-60% omit Greenhouse Gas emissions to their users. Therefore, as an increasing number of people accept the detrimental effects of manmade climate change, it makes sense that the construction industry adapts its approach to incorporate an environmentally friendly stance. Locally sourced ‘green materials’ can provide an added benefit of reducing emissions from the home and lowering its carbon footprint, alongside the installation of solar panels.

What are the benefits for potential tenants?

Although ‘living green’ isn’t just for the millennial generation, it seems that they are more likely to make better choices as a survey performed by the Guardian concluded that 66% of millennials buy as many eco-friendly products as they can. Therefore, this may be beneficial to property investors and buy to let landlords who have young professionals and millennials as their target market. They can also attract a wider range of tenants through using environmentally friendly assets to their advantage as a main selling point.

It is unusual that a landlord would build a home from the ground up, although adjustments can be made to existing homes to ensure it maximises its potential to be eco-friendly. Single glazed windows can be replaced with double glazing which remains one of the most attractive features when purchasing a home due to its capacity for insulation and heat retention leading to an increase in thermal efficiency. Furthermore, insulation can serve as a welcome addition to both the walls and loft to prevent heat escaping, all of which boost the EPC rating which now much reach a minimum of E in order to be rented out legally.

Creating a property that is more energy efficient will in turn boost its green credentials, strengthening its appeal to a potential tenant. RW Invest, property investment specialists based in Liverpool, offer some of the most sought-after property investments located in numerous hotspots across the UK, assuring maximum luxury, environmentally conscious design, the highest standard of amenities including lavish rooftop gardens and shared public spaces, adding to the appeal of sustainable housing.

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