Ford Mustang Bullitt

Three years after it began, Ford’s great European sales experiment with its sixth-generation Mustang muscle car is still going strong.

Having introduced the car in the spring of 2015, Ford has now officially registered a little over 40,000 Mustangs on our side of the pond – in the same timeframe and territory in which Audi registered about 75,000 TTs, Porsche about 50,000 911s and Mazda about 35,000 MX5s.

That’s not a bad little gaggle of sporting icons for the Mustang to get in among, in volume terms. And this year’s Mustang sales figures will be boosted by the first mid-cycle facelift that the car has had since its European introduction.

This has brought notably sharpened styling; an upgraded interior; a dab of extra performance; a new choice of gearboxes; revised and retuned suspension; and a list of added active safety and convenience features.

There’s also a new headline act for the Mustang line, at least as far as European sales are concerned: the subject of this week’s road test, the special-edition Mustang Bullitt.


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