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French banking and trading giant BNP Paribas recently launched Cortex LIVE, a single dealer platform that will feature a digital trading assistant for the forex markets, called ALiX.

Pioneering in the forex markets

ALiX is the first digital trading assistant that comes in-built into a platform and provides real-time trading assistance to users. It will be available to users of Cortex LIVE, a new single dealer platform (SDP) by the company. The new age platform provides better controls, more transparency, and highly-intelligence trade execution methods which alongside a powerful digital assistant.

Forex Trading Assistant ALiX Now Goes Live on BNP Paribas’ Cortex LIVE

The platform boasts several features, like Insight LIVE, a real-time portal for market intelligence. ALiX, on the other hand, will provide real-time commentary on the forex markets and provide insights into trading and execution. It will inform the users of liquidity changes, market movements and remind of important events as well. The assistant can also make data announcements to streamline the trading experience for users. The banking group that its latest launches reiterate its “ongoing commitment” to better digital growth at the organization.

What to expect from the solution?

Global head of forex algorithmic executive at the French banking group, Asif Razaq commented on the launch and said,

“Our continued innovation takes clients into the next digital era as ALiX delivers a live commentary on execution, key markets events and provides a pioneering user experience. The client has complete control, while ALiX enhances execution capabilities and offers full transparency throughout execution.”

Both Insight LIVE and ALiX push BNP’s artificial intelligence capacities. The solutions use natural language processing which allows them to react to over 100,000 data points each second. Digital Forex COO of the bank Joe Nash said that their solutions are based on simplicity. With Cortex LIVE, users will get a bespoke and highly personalized trading experience that can adapt according to the dynamics of the markets and the changing needs of its clients. He added that while ALiX brings the power of data to the users, Cortex LIVE brings better interactivity to the solution.

Viraj Shah

Viraj Shah

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