NEW DELHI: The first meeting of the IIM Coordination Forum, set up under the IIM Act, 2017, has nudged older institutes to look towards a single venue interview system for admissions to all 25 IIMs.

Currently, each IIM holds its interview at its own campus and the assessment criteria vary significantly across the institutes. The older IIMs have always resisted moves towards a uniform admission or screening process, citing their singularity of approach.

While the Ministry of Human Resource Development first pitched for a common interview for admission to all IIMs in the May 22 meeting, since the older ones expressed reservations on such a move, they were asked to at least consider holding interview in a single town or city and venue to make things simpler.

It was impressed upon the IIMs that it was desirable to minimise student inconvenience which can be significant if a candidate has to travel to several different IIMs for the interview if he is shortlisted in multiple B-schools.

ET has learnt that the government representatives asked the directors of the older IIMs to deliberate on the issue and consider the best possible mechanism in student interest. The pan IIM Coordination Forum also asked the IIMs that are not yet following the Common Admission Test format to come into the fold for streamlining the admission process.

The forum will also look at bringing down cost of subscription of journals for IIMs collectively through a common subscription system. The forum is set up to promote coordination and cooperation in the working of the 25 institutes, take up issues of common interest, review policy objectives and so on.

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It is also required to meet at least once a year and submit a report on its functions to the central government. It comprises directors of all IIMs and senior officials from the HRD ministry including the secretary of higher education.

A committee of directors has been set up to select a chairperson for the forum and start its operations as outlined in the Act.



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