Four objectives of education

Education is becoming a roaring business. In spite the overall expansion of education, the standard of humanity has not improved. The real cause of this depredation is absence of objectives of education. I am proposing four objectives of education to educationists:

Firstly, gain knowledge from previous generations. Our ancestors delved deep into the mystery of life and attained solutions for world problems. If we study and imbibe these, we automatically become heir to the accumulated knowledge of our ancestors.

Secondly, concentration of the mind. Our mind is always running helter-skelter. It hardly stays anywhere for a long time. The study of books can keep the mind steady. It can be restrained through good literature.

Thirdly, upliftment of moral character. Mere study of books is not sufficient. We need to read books that uplift our life and thinking. A morally strong person is a national asset. Education can make a person morally strong.

Fourthly, after becoming strong in character, man makes the world morally strong. If you impart your acquired qualities to society, then you are fulfilling the objective of education. ‘Help others to grow‘ should be the motto of every literate person.


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