Franklin unitholders to receive third tranche of Rs 24,88.75 crore this week

Investors in the six schemes of Franklin Templeton that are under winding up process will get their third tranche of money back this week. SBI MF, which is in charge of distributing money will give Rs 2,488.75 crores to unitholders across all six schemes of Templeton in the week starting May 3.

Prior to this, Franklin Templeton has already paid Rs 12,084 crores across these six schemes. With this the fund house has distributed Rs 14,573 crore of the money under winding up of th total assets of Rs 26,000 crore when the fund house decided to wind up the schemes a year back on April 23, 2020.

Unit holders of Franklin India Ultra Short term Fund will get Rs 772 crore, Franklin India Low Duration Rs 289.75, Franklin India Short Term Income Fund Rs 390.75, Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund Rs 337.25 crore, Franklin India Credit Risk Fund Rs 499.75 and Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Rs 199.75 crore.


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