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Summer begins Tuesday June 21, and we all know that farmer’s truly believe that “You must make hay while the sun shines!” 


The family of Rita Jarrett Stallings met at the Fristoe Community Building  on Saturday for lunch to commemorate her memory one last time.  Rita’s mom Ida Mae was the one that got everyone together and took care of dinners and such when she was alive. 


Guess the Jarrett family is now completely gone.


Several people from the Fristoe area took part in the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner at the Warsaw Community Building on Saturday evening, including Pastor Tony Smith of the Fristoe Pentecostal Lighthouse Church who started the proceedings with the opening prayer and did a beautiful job.


This week we offer birthday shout-outs  to Carolee Apperson, a great friend, on June 24, which was also my mom’s birthday.  Also on Saturday, June 25, happy birthday to my daughter-in-law, Bridget Jackman-Arnett and June 29 to Delores Prater.  Hope everyone’s birthday is good. 


Offering up prayers to Mary Scarbrough, Curtis Allen, Jesse Crouch, Lewis Retherford and Judy, Alice Boston, and all other friends and neighbors that have needs this week!


We went to watch our granddaughters play in a basketball tournament at Hermitage with Madalyn’s Climax team winning two out of three games and Laney’s Warsaw team also winning two out of three games.  No greater pleasure than watching your grandchildren regardless what they are doing.


The Fristoe Lighthouse Church’s Pastor Tony brought the message Sunday morning from the book of Acts Chapter 28!  Pastor Tony called us all to be cautious that we not be attacked by snakes that old Satan is turning loose in our neighborhoods.  We know not everyone or everything that is pretty is good.  Many snakes are pretty to look at.


Thought for the week:  When God measures the person He puts the tape around the heart and not the head!


Hope everyone reading Fristoe News has a wonderful week!


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