Fruit of Education

By education, we realise Truth. There are many truths. History is one truth. Geography is one truth. Mathematics is one truth. The content of truth is the greatest in Mathematics. In others, there is an element of imagination. In Geography, we come across names Asia, Africa, Madras, and Calcutta…. These names were given by us. By imagination, we have given names ‘plateau’ and ‘valley’.

By a process of gradual elimination of all that is imaginary, when we arrive at truth, that Truth is found to be God. To think of Him with real devotion is the fruit of education.

What is the use of education? Its first use is to develop vinaya, humility. In olden days, the disciple who went to a guru was called ‘vineyan‘, meaning a person of humility that is the hallmark of instruction he had from his guru, the fruit of education. Education without humility is no education.

Education is the same today as it was earlier but methods have changed. The medicine is the same but if the diet is changed, the medicine becomes poison. Education has today become merely the means of livelihood. For true education, the student should go to a guru and follow the gurukul system.

Right education should make us know that God is the Truth. Knowledge must fill one with good qualities, through which one can realise the Truth, that is God. Therefore, the goal of knowledge is the understanding of the Ultimate Truth. The first fruit of education must be humility and self-control.


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