Fruitarian couple reveal Michael Jackson was inspiration behind diet overhaul

After unable to get a definitive answer on why he felt so rubbish and rundown, Ali Reza Khorasany took matters into his own hands.

Ali, 28, visited his doctor at the end of 2014 looking to get to the bottom of what was causing his constipation, excess wind, bloating , excess fat, acne, dark circles, dehydration and fatigue.

At the time of the GP appointment, he’d been bodybuilding and forging a successful career in banking. He felt burnt out but his doctor told him he was “fine”.

His research into overhauling his diet brought up Michael Jackson , who winded up becoming unlikely lifestyle inspiration.

Ali used to suffer from a number of complaints

Together with his partner, Ali is now a wellness consultant


Ali explains:”The real nugget in the whole story was my long-time fanaticism over Michael Jackson who maintained a lean body, radiant glow, endless energy and clarity of mind consistently for his whole career.

“I started with the statement ‘something is wrong’. I dug out as much research as I could as to what was MJ doing that we are not, and just as important, what he was he not doing.

“I learnt he didn’t consume any animal products, abided to a strict ‘vegetarian diet’, a term that in the eighties was not the same definition as today, back then it most likely was equivalent of vegan today, and most important he mostly drank raw fresh living orange juice.

He’d been body building and working in banking


“A raw vegan fruit-based diet is a high carb diet in which you consume predominantly raw living fresh whole fruit with some tender leafy greens, nuts and seeds in relatively smaller quantities.

“In particular, the focus is on non-seasonal tropical fruits such as papaya and banana as staples.”

In 2017 Ali met Daniella Siira, 22, from Sweden on Instagram , who’ had adapted her diet in the same way in November 2016.

Daniella credits the diet with turning her life around

She says the fruit diet has given her freedom

Daniella said: “I had issues with anorexia, binge eating, over exercising, digestive issues, and anxiety before. Through the change of diet my whole being has changed and improved.

“It is a very unique way of eating and being, so it takes practice to be able to eat this way in today’s world.”

She added: “Bloating has decreased immensely, even after the bigger meals. Gas and digestive issues have also decreased immensely. I feel clearer minded, positive, loving and social. The issue of what to eat on the go is gone as fruit is the best and easiest food to pack and eat.”

She admits it can be hard to get enough calories sometimes

They also eat nuts, seeds and salads

Now both ‘wellness consultants’ at Flavours of Light ,Ali and Daniella split their time between South-East Asia, the UK and Sweden.

The pair say their diet is made up of 98 per cent fruit, and enjoy green juices and salads alongside their regime. 

“Finding, affording enough ripe, sweet fruit from good soil in enough quantity to avoid hunger can be a challenge,” Ali said.

They say the fruit is better in Asia


“Also, the cleansing process can be challenging depending on the history. I am cleansing 24 years of meat, dairy, eggs, processed food. It is not easy. Lots of elimination from every channel takes place which can smell, hurt, itch or simply be gruelling.”

Danielle isn’t oblivious to the fact that people may be sceptical of her diet and way of life.

“It may seem absolutely insane and not sustainable,” she explains.

“But it is when we change, adapt and try it out for ourselves and we realise the simplicity and sustainability of it all. The process of changing one’s diet should be taken step by step, so the body, mind and spirit can adapt.”

Providing some more insight into their wy of life, Ali added: “Our lifestyle is not about following a trend, perfectionism which is impossible in these times, being labelled vegan, raw vegan norfruitarian, it’s not about being optimal, nor is it about running away and living in a jungle.”


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