Full Moon names 2019: When is the next Full Moon? What is it called?

Weather permitting, an incredible celestial sight will rise in the night skies this Sunday. As the Moon waxes from its First Quarter, the Hunter’s Moon will get brighter and brighter until it rises on Sunday evening almost totally illuminated. This has led some to ask how long the October Full Moon totality will last.

The Moon does not generate its own light like the Sun, but instead simply reflects sunlight from its face.

The Moon has spent the last few days transitioning from a Waxing Gibbous phase and is about to finally fill out and peak tonight.

The Hunter’s Moon will peak on Sunday, October 13, at around 10.07pm BST (9.07pm UTC).

Here in the UK, the Full Moon will peak about three-and-a-half hours after moonrise.


When is the next Full Moon?

The next Full Moon will come in just under a month’s time, on November 12.

This Moon will grace our skies at 1.34pm BST and is called the Beaver Moon.

This is because November was the time for Native Americans to set beaver traps.

Others say the name comes from the heavy activity of beavers building their winter dams.

Another name for the Beaver Moon is the Frost Moon.

What are 2019s named Full Moons?

January 21: Wolf Moon at 5.16am BST

February 19: Snow Moon at 3.54am BST

March 21: Worm Moon at 2.43pm BST

April 19: Pink Moon at 12.12pm BST

May 18: Flower Moon at 10.11pm BST

June 17: Strawberry Moon at 9.31am BST

July 16: Buck Moon at 10.38pm BST

August 15: Sturgeon Moon at 1.29pm BST

September 14: Full Corn Moon at 5.33am BST

October 13: Hunter’s Moon at 10.08pm BST

November 12: Beaver’s Moon at 1.34pm BST

December 12: Cold Moon at 5.12am BST


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