Galaxy Note 10 fans may be forced to pay extra to use new Samsung feature – Express

If you want to know everything about the Galaxy Note 10 then August 7 is the date to pop in your diary.

That’s when Samsung will reveal all to the world at its Unpacked event in New York.

Although there’s been no official confirmation from the Korean technology firm about what’s coming to this flagship there’s been numerous leaks that give a very good idea about its new features.

And one of the most exciting new additions could be the speed at which this phone refills.

A recent post by Galaxy Club has stated that the Note 10 will be compatible with 45w charging.

That could mean this latest device will get a flat to full battery boost in a matter of minutes.

However, unlike devices such as the OnePlus 7 Pro, it seems Samsung may not include this fast charger in the box.

Reports have surfaced which suggest a 25w power pack will arrive with the Note 10 and those wanting faster speeds will need to pay extra for the improved plug.

If true, Samsung will join Apple in forcing fans to get their wallets out if they want the best refill times with the US firm also failing to box a better charger with its devices.

Along with that battery news it also seems that the new Note 10 will get a swathe of other extra features including a triple rear camera, bigger display and a hole-punched camera which will help reduce the bezel at the top of the phone.

We’re also expecting the new Note to get Samsung’s latest processor which appears to add some extra speed to this device.

In fact according to a speed test posted on Twitter, the Note 10 scored 4495 (single-core) and 10223 (multi-core) in Exynos processor tests.

This beats the S10’s 4289 (single) and 9776 (Mult-core) score by a considerable margin.

It’s worth noting that that the Note 10 looks set to include Samsung’s new 8255 processor which may reveal why this device will be so much faster.

One final thing to expect is the inclusion of PowerShare which will allow the Note 10 to refill other devices and accessories wirelessly.

We’ll find out full specs, pricing and final design in a few weeks time when Samsung reveals all at its keynote.

The big event will begin on August 7 with things likely to get underway around 6pm BST. will bring you all the news and updates live as they happen.


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