Game Observations (Offense): Virginia Tech 40 Boston College 14 – Sports Illustrated

It was a sloppy evening in Blacksburg for the Eagles, as Boston College dropped their second game of the season 40-14.

Here is my instant analysis of the performance by the Boston College offense:

* For the most part the offense was moving the ball effectively. Jurkovec was doing a nice job spreading the ball around, and receivers like Jehlani Galloway, Jaelen Gill and CJ Lewis all got involved.  That being said…

* You aren’t going to win many games when you turnover the ball five times. No getting around that. BC was careless with the ball, the three fumbles were completely avoidable, and one interception was a bad throw from Phil Jurkovec. 

* Jaelen Gill is slowly growing into this offense and you can see his confidence growing every game. Had a big game on Saturday, with six catches for 98 yards and his first Boston College touchdown. 

* The rushing attack looked promising until the turnovers started biting them. David Bailey was running strong, and Patrick Garwo had a good burst. This was probably the best the team was running the ball all season. But all of that is meaningless if they are putting the ball on the ground.

* Speaking of fumbles, Patrick Garwo, needs to really work on ball security. This is the second game in a row he put the ball on the ground. Luckily last week’s fumble was overturned, but he can’t be an effective rusher if he can’t secure the ball. 

* It was overturned because his toe was on the line, but how incredible was that moves after a catch that almost turned into a touchdown for Zay Flowers?

* In terms of pass protection, I thought the offensive line was fine. They only allowed one sack. They again are still not playing to the level we expected, but it was better than their game against Pitt. 

* They ran it once that I noticed, but BC should go to the zone read with Phil Jurkovec. Talked to Bryan Driskell of Irish Breakdown who said that was his bread and butter in high school. With Hunter Long blocking it was an easy ten yard gain. 

* Hunter Long with a solid, including a diving touchdown to keep the Eagles in the game. Clearly the VT defense was keyed on him though, and were draped on him on almost every pass. 

* Near the end of the game, when it was clearly over, I would have liked to have seen Sam Johnson or Dennis Grosel. Jurkovec was out there taking unnecessary hits. 

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