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Amazon’s ubiquitous banana stand is gone from its headquarters, as are most of its employees, as companies in the Seattle region take extraordinary steps to address the coronavirus outbreak. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

GeekWire is fortunate to report from one of the most dynamic and innovative places in the world: Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. What happens here matters everywhere, as we like to say. Over the past few weeks, this mantra has taken on a different meaning, after our home region emerged as the first U.S. epicenter of the novel coronavirus and the disease COVID-19.

Like many of you, we are unsettled but undeterred.

We’re sharing this update to let you know what’s happening at GeekWire; plans for our business, events and news coverage in the weeks ahead; and how you can support our efforts to serve the community with news, insights and connections.

Covering the crisis

Our news team has been working almost around the clock to provide timely news and information about this fast-changing and extraordinary situation, focusing on its impact on the Seattle region and the tech industry.

We know that many of you are closely tracking our Coronavirus Live Blog to keep up with the latest news and information, and closely following with our in-depth coverage and podcasts. We’re focusing on the impact on companies, entrepreneurs and innovation, as well as the growing role of science, technology and startups in addressing the crisis.

We’re planning to increase the frequency of our Health Tech Podcast to go deeper on these issues. We’re also pursuing more in-depth stories where we can provide unique insight and first-person accounts, on topics including science, schools, and the gig economy.

Of course, we’re also continuing to track everything else, keeping up our reporting on topics ranging from Microsoft and Amazon to important new tech legislation and startup fundings.

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Behind-the-scenes at GeekWire

Like many of you, our news and business teams have been working remotely since last week, following the guidance of public health officials. We’re using a variety of online tools, expanding our use of workplace chat and video conferencing not only for communication and collaboration but also for some much-needed camaraderie.

We held a virtual lunchroom Friday on video chat, for example, with all of us gathering around our screens at home and catching up informally as we munched on sandwiches and leftovers. We recorded our weekly GeekWire Podcast news roundup by video chat, as well.

GeekWire records podcast online
GeekWire civic editor Monica Nickelsburg talks to geek life reporter Kurt Schlosser, as we record the GeekWire Podcast remotely from our respective homes. (Max Friedrichsen Photo)

We’re going to have a unique challenge starting later this week, as we onboard a new staff reporter almost entirely virtually, adding more horsepower to our coverage while trying to follow the guidelines for public distancing. (More on our new teammate in a future update.)

Meanwhile, our business and events teams are working hard to adjust on a variety of fronts. We went through a rigorous process to reschedule our GeekWire Awards in Seattle from March to May, and we are making further contingency plans to prepare for the possibility of longer-term restrictions on large events and gatherings.

As many of you know, events have long been a centerpiece of what we do at GeekWire, but we have made significant progress in expanding our digital offerings in recent years.

At a time of social distancing, our digital assets and GeekWire Studios branded content unit are keeping businesses connected with customers and clients. We’re helping companies reach audiences on GeekWire and beyond in creative ways, using our unique platform and storytelling capabilities. Our business team would welcome a chance to help you tell your story to the world.

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Contact to learn more.

Become a GeekWire member

Several weeks ago, we relaunched our GeekWire membership program, under the leadership of our first full-time membership director, Melanee Ferrier, who joined us as one of several new members of our business team.

With membership tiers designed for both individuals and businesses, this remains one of the best ways to support our work at GeekWire. In addition to supporting independent journalism, GeekWire members receive exclusive benefits, VIP access and other special perks. We’re working on plans for upcoming virtual events and workshops exclusively for GeekWire members.

Learn more and sign up as a GeekWire member here.

We recently marked the ninth anniversary of GeekWire’s launch, and despite the current challenges we’re all facing in this turbulent world, we’re more determined than ever to remain a vital, independent media company, in service to the community. We welcome your support and involvement as we seek to keep GeekWire strong and thriving for many years to come.

— GeekWire co-founders John Cook and Todd Bishop


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