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And what is the best?

The best is a Sure Start Centre in every community to offer health and welfare advice to new parents.

The best is 30 hours of free childcare to all 2, 3 and 4 year olds. If you are the parent of a 2 year old, you’ll save £5,000 a year.

The best is all primary school children learning in classes of fewer than 30.

The best is a free school meal for every child in primary school – and we’ll put VAT on private school fees to pay for it.

The best is an education that prepares children for life, not just exams, so we’ll get rid of unnecessary SATs.

The best is every child being able to learn musical instruments, drama and dance – the things that bring us joy – through our Arts Pupil Premium.

The best is well-funded schools that are locally accountable – so we’ll end the divisive academy and free schools programme.

The best is world-leading Further Education, which is so important to working class students.

And the best is university tuition open to anyone from any background for free, without racking up tens of thousands of pounds in debt.


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