General election: The Independent needs you to send us any political advertising you see on Facebook

The upcoming UK general election, more than any other, will be fought on social media. And that’s why we need you to send us any political advertising you seen on Facebook or any other site.

Social media is already hosting a vast number of ads, paid for with huge sums of money, from all of the biggest parties. But it can be hard to keep track of those posts, which can be targeted so that just a few people see them and can include false or misleading claims.

We’re going to be cataloguing them through the election, drilling down into the things that political parties are trying to get out away from the eyes of the media. But we need your help to do it, and can only do so if you share those ads that you see.

If you see anything at all – whether you think it is suspect or not – then send all the information you have to

Don’t feel that you only need to send sponsored ads, either. If you see political posts, images or graphics on social media that seem to be making questionable claims, you should send them to us too, and we’ll investigate and fact check them.

Everything you send in will be picked over by our journalists, scouring the posts for truths and lies as well as working to understand how parties are trying to sway voters.

By doing so, together we can fight to keep this election as free, honest and transparent as possible – without fear or favour to any particular party.

Social media will set the future of Brexit and the country. So let’s make sure it does so fairly.

This election will be won and lost on social media, which is full of questionable claims and divisive advertising. We want to hold them to account. Please send any political Facebook advertising you received to, and we will catalogue and investigate it. Read more here.


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