HERNDON, Va., Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Geospark Analytics has established an agreement with Twitter enhancing its Hyperion platform with hyper-focused real-time breaking events, further strengthening its machine learning and artificial intelligence models. Geospark Analytics’ flagship product Hyperion is an AI-driven threat and risk assessment platform, providing governments and corporations an unprecedented understanding of political, economic, and social risk across the globe at machine speed. Adding this real-time data source to our war chest of unique data will further enhance situational awareness and instantly notify users of breaking events in the time it takes to write a tweet.

Hyperion users will be able to access to real-time and historical content via proprietary events models and tripwires. They can quickly find the information that is relevant to them. With this key agreement, Hyperion offers the most comprehensive level of information access and reliability for its users who depend on immediate notification when disruptions occur.  

The enhanced data stream will be an immediate force multiplier for Hyperion’s machine learning models. Hyperion continuously evaluates risk and activity in real-time and assigns a unique global-stability score with every calculation. Hyperion’s AI analyzes streaming content, assigns stability scores, and makes forecasts across the globe in an easily consumable form. It uses these global scores as a leading indicator for disruptions that may impact the safety and security of people and business.

“Geospark Analytics is eager to advance our machine learning models and AI driven score cards for risk analysis to better drive decision-making,” said Geospark Analytics CEO and Founder Omar Balkissoon. “We understand the power of social media and its importance to our users. Our heightened understanding of events as they happen opens the door to further innovation to help ensure our clients’ success.”

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About Geospark Analytics

Geopark Analytics was founded in 2017 to inventory the world’s critical events to aid the decision making of our clients. By identifying and forecasting emerging global events at machine speed, Hyperion mitigates risk, recognizes threats, and leverages opportunities. Our insights stem from sourced data from space, social media, and news reporting with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language generation. Geospark Analytics has received funding from Zero Gravity Capital and is backed by General Catalyst. The company is based in Herndon, Virginia.

More information can be found at geospark.io.

SOURCE Geospark Analytics

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