Get an iPhone 11 With 60GB of Data For Just £33 a Month With This Black Friday Deal – Gizmodo UK

iPhones are expensive. Really expensive. So when we see a deal for one of the latest models that’s this good, we have to tell everyone about it. After all we can’t just do deals about mattresses and Lego.

So anyone hoping to get a new-new iPhone will be thrilled to hear that is offering a 64GB iPhone 11 (locked to Vodafone), with 60GB of monthly data, for just £33 a month. Plus £50 upfront (down from £75).

Let me do some maths for you, to show you why that’s a good deal. Normally a 64GB iPhone 11, SIM free, would cost you £729 if you bought it directly from Apple without a trade in. This deal, which is the full 24 month contract, costs a total of £842.

Yes, it’s more than buying SIM free, because that’s how network plans work, but it’s only an extra £132 – which works out as an extra £5.50 a month. Can you get 60GB of data for that little elsewhere? I don’t think so, though if you know better then I suggest you grab that deal while you can.

You also get the added bonus of being able to split up the cost of buying the phone itself – which is always handy.

To take advantage of this deal you simply need to head over to, add the 60GB Vodafone contract to your basket and use the code TRIPH11 before checking out.


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