Get back at those bowler hat people

PeterLord of the Rings‘ ‘s new documentary series, Get Back, is on the final days of the Beatles. Reacting to the iconic 1969 rooftop concert scene recast in the film, Paul McCartney recently reacted with the same spirit that drove the band to break city laws and perform an unscheduled gig to the curiosity, joy and rare irritation of the mid-20th century Londoner. One of the purposes of being creative and young was ‘[to] get the kind of snob who would get angry… that was part of the fun’. In the film, a man in a double-breasted suit looks up from the street and responds to the live music above, ‘I think it’s a bit of an imposition to absolutely disrupt all the business in this area.’ Fifty-two years after being one of the four disruptors, McCartney elaborates, ‘There’s always the guy in the bowler hat who hates what you’re doing. He’s never going to like it, and he thinks you’re offending his sensibilities.’

Making fun of the ‘bowler hat people’ – and one doesn’t have to actually wear a bowler hat to be one, especially in the tropics – is something that makes any society wary, rather than welcoming, of obsequious people. To pull down yes men a peg or two or three, you don’t have to be a Beatle. All you need is lob… anti-establishment snides, for the snobs – in whatever forms they exist – to take themselves less seriously.


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