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As the U.S. government continues to escalate its draconian, racist, and xenophobic immigration policies (sorry, we’re not really in a mood to mince words about this shit today), it can be easy to let yourself feel overwhelmed and powerless by the casual, wanton cruelty of it all. Sometimes, though, the most you can do is something small—like helping a band you love raise money to support groups working to assist families who have been separated by ICE, or minor asylum seekers currently in detention.

Hence why we’re happy to shed a little light—being careful not to disturb the blue canary in the light switch—on a campaign being run this weekend by They Might Be Giants, raising money for RAICES Texas. Short for the The Refugee And Immigrant Center For Education And Legal Services, it’s an organization that works to provide legal support to people detained by the government on immigration and refugee issues. TMBG is selling a T-shirt this week to support the organization, with all proceeds going directly to the group.

(It doesn’t hurt that the shirt itself—featuring a woodcut design from Lindsay Riley based on a line from “Birdhouse In your Soul”—is honestly pretty great looking.)

The band—with a donation-matching agreement from Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson—has already raised more than $100,000 for the group, but the fundraiser is running until Monday. You can check out the shirt here, and look at the ways RAICES helps people here.


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