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It was encouraging to read that housework is a positive activity for the elderly (Report, 22 November). As I approach 78, I tackle all the ironing and share the cleaning with my 77-year-old wife. Next, your reporter should examine the value of crown green bowls. I took this up in my 60s and regretted not doing so earlier. This excellent activity, which costs very little, provides so much exercise and valuable social interaction, but clubs are losing members, possibly due to the absence of media coverage.
David Erving
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

When I was a medical examiner for the Department for Work and Pensions, I wrote: “This woman is capable of light housework.” The spellchecker then altered it to “… is capable of lighthouse work”.
Giles Youngs
Drinkstone, Suffolk

Re your article (‘Woke’ sneers could sap young people’s drive for change, says top headteacher, 22 November), woke is just modern slang for awareness of oppression and wanting to put it right. As an 80-year-old, I am proud that for most of my life I have been “woke”, and I regard the un-woke as wantonly unaware.
Michael McLoughlin
Wallington, London

Re people who use the audio description service so they can enjoy TV while running or cycling (Letters, 21 November), should someone tell them about radio?
Simon Beavington-Penney
Corsham, Wiltshire

If all new buildings must have electric vehicle charge points (Report, 21 November), why don’t they have to have solar panels too?
Alice Renton
Lewes, East Sussex

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