Get Started on YouTube – Get More Subscribers in 2021

Get started on YouTube - get more subscribers in 2021

Yes, Youtube was dominating the world even before the pandemic but it’s very easy to see that more people are watching videos in 2020 and 2021. Today, we will tell you little tricks on how to get more subscribers on YouTube.

Set a Goal

Pick a five-year goal and then go back to how you can achieve it. This year, Youtube’s strategy will be the first step in this ten-year goal. If ten years scares you, pick five, but your short-term thinking will fail you, so don’t be afraid to go further, it will benefit you. You cannot go on until you decide this. 

Define Your Audience 

Who are your videos for? The answer is not for everyone. That’s why. If you run out into the street because your friend left his wallet, you will yell “Hey!” To get his attention. A lot of people will turn around.

Some may even come and ask if you are all right, and then they will go on with their own business. If you ran out and yelled “George!”, Perhaps two people would have turned around and listened, because one of them is your friend. To build an engaging video, you need them all to shout “George!” Content communicates with people, your goal is to make sure that the people you want to engage will hear you. 

On a sheet of paper, write down who you think your videos are for. Before we get started, it’s worth noting that people you didn’t design your content for will find it too. This does not mean that it is wrong for them or that they are not happy. 

Let’s take an example of the following industry ‘people who want to become YouTubers”. Your channel has to be intended for people between the ages of 25 and 35 to get more exposure. These are men and women who are already filming videos, but believe that they are not getting what they deserve. Your channel has to be focused also on beginners who want to start a YouTube channel and promote their business or create one online. 

In business, there is such a thing as avatars (images). You should already have it. Creators, you probably don’t have one, so you might need a little more time to practice. Plus, avatars can update or even change completely as your viewers learn. It can take years to perfect. The reason your “who” is so important is for people to hear you. When people feel that your content has been created specifically for them and their needs, you will grab attention, hold it, and create an audience that will become part of your tribe. And the tribes build followers.

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