Get Your Business Ready to Reopen With Social Distancing Stickers

Get Your Business Ready to Reopen With Social Distancing Stickers

Welcome to the new coronavirus world where social distancing and the use of face masks and other protective measures are the new norm. As the pandemic doesn’t plan on going anywhere, there’s no choice but to reopen economies and keep up with the current situation.

As governments lift lockdown measures, businesses need to prepare for the safety of their staff and customers. In this guide, we’ll discuss effective strategies to implement social distancing at workplaces by installing social distancing stickers. Before we look into different ideas, let’s find out why social distancing matters and what social distancing stickers are?

Why Social Distancing Matters?

Social distancing is a safety practice adopted by public health officials to slow down or prevent the spread of a contagious disease. The practice is typically enforced when the spread of an illness poses severe threats to the general population or when no cure for a communicable disease exists.

Social distancing ensures that the virus-causing germs do not spread and infect  a large number of people. It involves limiting the number of people that can gather at a location at once and ensure that people maintain a necessary distance between each other.

What Are Social Distancing Stickers?

Social distancing stickers are vinyl decals or wraps placed on different types of indoor and outdoor surfaces to deliver precautionary messages to the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They’re an effective approach to remind people of their role and responsibility to ensure the safety and health of the entire community.

More and more businesses are placing social distancing stickers on different floor settings, windows, and doors to tell customers where to stand in a queue, indicate which direction to walk in aisles, remind people to wear masks, etc.

These stickers are quick to design and print and easy to install. Social distancing floor stickers, in particular, are normally printed using scratch-resistant ink so they can withstand foot traffic and different weather conditions. Also, they don’t leave any residue upon removal.

Devise Your Social Distancing Plan

Before reopening your business, devise your social distancing plan. This plan should identify areas where people gather, define the new workplace layout, including the installation of sneeze guard for receptions or public-facing desks, and clarifying other safety protocols such as wearing masks.

When you are devising a plan, don’t forget to determine the types of social distancing floor stickers you’ll need and where you will place them. To make your choice easy, we’ve discussed some of the best types of stickers, including floor stickers, and how you can use them for social distancing:

6ft Distancing Stickers

These stickers are primarily designed for social distancing and are already in use in grocery stores, hospitals, businesses, factories, etc. Since the public is not used to maintaining a distance, it’s easy to forget about social distancing. These stickers are meant to remind and assist people in maintaining a minimum of 6-feet distance while shopping or waiting in queues.

Floor Strip Stickers

These are long, thin stickers placed on floors of any type of business to deliver important messages to people. Since they deliver the message effectively, they are great to remind employees to maintain a 6-feet distance.

Arrow Floor Stickers

If you run a grocery store, you must include arrow floor stickers in your social distancing plan. These stickers are designed to facilitate the implementation of the one-way shopping rule, that is, making sure that shoppers walk in one direction. One-direction walking is an important protocol adopted by many businesses to minimize the chances of individuals directly facing each other.

If you’re implementing the one-direction rule for your business, decide where you want to place arrow floor stickers to point shoppers in the right direction.

Carpet Stickers

If you have carpets, you don’t need to remove them to use social distancing stickers. Carpet stickers are designed for carpeted floors that won’t leave any marks or damage your carpet when peeled off. These stickers promote social distancing but they last for just 6 months. However, they’re easy to remove and replace.

Sidewalk Stickers

Depending on the situation in your area, you may have decided to limit the number of people entering your business. In that case, clients will need to wait in queues outside. Sidewalk stickers are robust vinyl stickers that will firmly stick to any surface, including concrete, to prompt people to maintain distance while standing in lines. These stickers comprise a weather-resistant, protective layer that makes them last longer.

Window Clings

While window clings have been used to inform people whether the store is open or closed, they can also serve as a great informative tool to ensure that customers adhere to the health and safety regulations. Depending on what message you wish to deliver, these can be greatly customized.

To ensure social distancing, window clings can be used to refuse entry to those without face masks, direct people to use hand sanitizers placed at the entrance, specify the number of people allowed inside at a time, and so on. They can also be placed on sneeze guards to remind customers about social distancing.

Final Word

We are going through unprecedented times and all small and large business owners have a role to play to ensure that everyone is safe. In fact, customers expect great compassion from brands today and will choose socially responsible businesses over others.

Showing support for the entire community has thus become an important part of branding to show that you care for the entire community while focusing on the needs of your customers.

Now that your business is ready to reopen, don’t forget to install social distancing stickers in different areas of your business facility. For long-lasting, effective social distancing stickers, get in touch with Emerald Colour at your earliest.

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