Getting Down to Business: A Guide to Meeting Spaces in Seattle

Seattle is a busy city. Finding just the right space to hold an important business meeting, training seminar, sales conference, or important function can be more than you bargained for. A blank space with just tables and chairs might not cut it. That’s why we’ve created this guide to fantastic meeting spaces in Seattle. While we’re at it, we’ve put together some tips to help make sure your meeting goes well and has everything that you and your important guests need to see it through to a successful conclusion.

Getting Down to Business: A Guide to Meeting Spaces in Seattle

Planning a Productive Business Meeting: A Guide to Getting Started

Putting together a business meeting means making sure:

  • the space is adequate for everyone involved
  • everyone has all the amenities they need
  • there are plenty of accommodations for your business needs

That makes putting together a successful meeting a bit more difficult than just finding a meeting space with tables and chairs. We’ve broken it down and created some tips to help you find the right meeting venue.

Figure Out Your Space Requirements

The first thing to determine is how much room you will need for your meeting. Obviously, a board meeting just needs some office space. If you’re holding a convention, seminar, or another type of meeting, then you may need a larger room or auditorium.

You may not be able to determine an exact number of attendees since business meetings sometimes have special guest speakers and visitors. When you book, it is a good idea to book more space than you need. It doesn’t mean you need a stadium for a standard executive meeting but booking a larger office may save you time and embarrassment if extra people show up.

Plan for Food and Drink

It’s standard to have water or coffee for a regular meeting that will last only a couple of hours. If you’re planning a longer meeting or you’re hosting a convention, week-long training session, or another event, you need to make arrangements for food and drink at the venue.

Some places provide catering or allow catering to be brought in. If nothing is provided, you’ll have to work out arrangements with neighboring businesses to keep everyone fed. No one wants hungry attendees at an important function, so try to make sure you have some means of feeding everyone.

Try to Book a Space that’s Near Amenities

Booking a meeting space that is near shopping, transit, hotels, dining, and entertainment will make the stay of your attendees much more enjoyable, particularly if you have visitors from out of town.

Some hotels offer meeting spaces or allow the rental of a ballroom or auditorium for large business functions. This is an easy solution to accommodating the guests and providing food and lodgings at the meeting venue.

Technology is Key

Something that is often overlooked is the technology available. Tables and chairs are great, but you can’t give a detailed presentation or hold a video conference with just that.

Most venues will offer basic video conferencing equipment and Wi-Fi, but if you need more, you’ll have to look a bit harder for spaces that accommodate all your needs. Some venues provide state-of-the-art technology and even built-in IT support for any issues that arise. Try to figure out your needs ahead of time and book a space that will cover them.

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A Guide to Awesome Meeting Spaces in Seattle

Now that you have some tips on the type of space you need and planning a meeting that will go smoothly, it’s time to start looking for places to book. Before you start looking on your own, take a look at these hand-picked meeting spaces in Seattle.

1. The Pioneer Collective: Flexible Office Space

If you want something bright and open where business meetings can be productive and everyone has the space they need, then The Pioneer Collective is where you need to go.

The collective offers a variety of private office types for most types of small to medium-sized meetings complete with state-of-the-art video conferencing technology. You’ll also enjoy access to recording and live streaming software for live training sessions and other types of meetings.

2. The Conference Center at the Washington State Convention Center: Multi-Purpose Functional Spaces

If you need a combination of different spaces, from an auditorium to private meeting rooms for conventions and training sessions, then The Conference Center is the right space for you.

The total space is a massive 35,000 square feet and features all the technology you need for a successful meeting. The convention hall is great for large gatherings, and the private offices offer full support for individual meetings.

3. The Fremont Foundry: a Versatile Event Space

This multi-purpose space is perfect for hosting business events like ceremonies, presentations, or awards dinners. The Fremont Foundry boasts several awards dubbing it one of the best meeting spaces in Seattle.

The Fremont Foundry is an immaculate space that offers a bit of the upscale feel that business executives will appreciate. Plus, the on-site catering means you won’t have to worry about refreshments.

Meeting Spaces in Seattle: Wrapping Up

There are tons of meeting spaces in Seattle to choose from. Hopefully, this small sample has given you some idea of what all Seattle has to offer for when you get ready to put together your next meeting. Even if one of our picks doesn’t suit your needs, you’re sure to find something that will in a city like Seattle.

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