What irony that MPs are suggesting making it easier for Indians to come to Britain (Report, 25 June), in order to get trade deals, after MPs pandered to the anti-immigration lobby in order to achieve a pro-leave vote.
Linda Rhead
Hampton, London

The sculpture in Bilbao (Letters page, 25 June) is by the renowned woman sculptor Louise Bourgeois. It would have been nice if you could have acknowledged this in the text as it has more significance than as A Spider from Mars. She died in 2010 at 98 and was working well into her 90s. Worth reading her biography.
Jane Officer

Jane Moth is puzzled that female footballers are called “Lionesses” (Letters, 25 June). Given that well-coordinated teams of lionesses hunt tirelessly with terrifying efficiency while lions generally spend the day idly lolling around, why wouldn’t they want to be?
Barry Ramshaw

I see that the Queen and Meghan’s visit to Liverpool by train cost the taxpayer £29,714 (Report, 25 June). Perhaps they could advise me how they managed to get two returns from Euston to Lime St so cheaply. Seats on Branson’s jalopy usually seem to cost me that and more.
Margaret Farnworth

Eric Ogden’s amusement (Letters, 25 June) at the possibilities of the Fox/Hunt combination (and why not Johnson, Hancock and Truss for that matter) gives me hope that someone will come up with something to rival that all-time favourite concerning compulsive 1950s polar explorer Dr Vivian Fuchs, immortalised in the headline, “Dr Fuchs off again”.
Jan Wiczkowski
Prestwich, Manchester

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