GJ doctor answers COVID-19 questions on Facebook page –

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) As the virus spread from China to the rest of the world, Dr. Elvi Whiteford saw the devastation it was causing and wanted to help. She didn’t want the same sad stories that were happening in New York, Washington and Louisiana happening here.

As a local, she created a Facebook page to answer community members’ questions about coronavirus.

“It was out of that passion to say what is something small that I can do?” said Whiteford. “Even if it insulates just a little bit of my community, at least it’s something that I can do. We started pretty low tech with just being able to reach out for some basic questions. I just started out with some things my own patients at my own clinic were very curious about and what they were saying there was so many political pieces about it. I thought this is not about politics. If we are pointing fingers, we are missing the opportunity to be united and come together against a virus.”

As the Facebook page continues to see more traffic, Dr. Whiteford said she may begin doing Facebook live videos to hold discussions.


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