Global CTB Review – A Smart Broker for Safe Trading

Global CTB Review - A Smart Broker for Safe Trading

When you have made up your mind to start trading in the financial brokers, you must be aware that finding a broker is the first step you have to take. The market has an endless number of brokers, but picking a reliable one can be a daunting task because you need to consider the services and features offered by the broker. Unreliable and unregulated brokers have been known to put their clients in a bad spot through unsecured platforms, mismanagement or other financial irregularities. You need to be extremely cautious when you are trying to make up your mind about a broker.

The decision should never be made without careful thought and consideration because it can have long-term consequences for you. There are some good and solid brokers out there, such as Global CTB. This broker was founded in 2016, which makes it relatively new, but its professional team and its set of offerings have helped the broker gain success in a very short time period. When you are looking for a positive trading experience, you should give Global CTB a try because of the following reasons:

  • Its Security and Regulation

Perhaps, the most notable feature of Global CTB is that it is a properly regulated brokerage that has been licensed to provide financial services. Therefore, it follows international regulations when it comes to security and transparency. The broker maintains segregated accounts for its clients to prevent any misappropriation. They comply with KYC and AML policies that are meant to allow only legitimate traders to sign up on their platform. Also, to protect all confidential information, the broker has implemented 256-bit SSL encryption to keep it safe from cybercriminals.

  • Its Web-Based Trading Platform

The trading platform of a broker is one of its most important feature because it is used for executing trades, monitoring the market and giving you access to instruments. Global CTB has developed a web-based trading platform for their clients because it is easy to use for everyone. Since it doesn’t require any downloading, it can be used on various devices and on different web browsers. The broker’s platform is unique because it boasts sophisticated technology and yet is extremely simple. You can use charting tools, fundamental and technical analysis tools and enjoy one-click trading with this trading platform.

  • It’s Easy Registration Process

Another perk of signing up with Global CTB is that it doesn’t involve a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork. You don’t need to fill an endless number of forms for registering yourself with them. They have a simple form on their website that asks for some basic details like your name, email address, location, phone number and password to register you. You will be given a list of account options to choose from, which have numerous features to offer. There are accounts for beginners, intermediate traders as well as for experienced ones. You can pick one from the six account options, make the initial deposit and start trading the instrument of your choice.

  • Its Convenient Banking Solutions

When you open an account with a broker, you obviously have to deposit some funds to start trading. You cannot trade without money and to deposit your funds, you have to check out what banking solutions a broker offers. These are important because if they are not convenient, it can cause you problems when withdrawing your profits as well. Global CTB has ensured that its clients don’t have to deal with this hassle. They have added bank wire transfer that allows traders to directly use their bank account for adding and also withdrawing funds.

This method does take some time due to which the broker has given its clients the option of using debit and credit cards. Global CTB allows you to use both Visa and MasterCard through their platform. If you don’t want to go with this option, you can even fund your account via cryptocurrencies. The only thing you have to remember is to verify your account by complying with KYC and AML regulations.


When you put all of these together, it is easy to arrive to the conclusion that Global CTB is a smart option for every trader to have a safe journey.   

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