GloFans rolls out sports quiz app created by fans

MUMBAI: A team of dedicated sports enthusiasts, fans, journalists, historians and data scientists have come together to create a first of its kind sports quiz mobile app, which will allow sports fans from across the world to connect, play and participate.

The GloFans Sports Quiz App is the result of six months of work and offers a statistically devised digital platform to the fans.

The App is developed and endorsed in India with content support from India’s largest sports fan community, Indian Sports Fan.

“GloFans Sports Quiz App marks the beginning of a new chapter in the world of fandom with administration and technical execution all designed by the same tribe of fans, right from creation to consumption. At a single point in time, a multitude of fans from across the world can come together. It is not just a Sports Quiz but rather a global community of and for the fans,” said GloFans official spokesperson.

The app, created with inputs and feedback from 75,000 sports fans from all across the globe, is now available on Google Play Store and can also be downloaded from GloFans official website.

“Covid-19 had completely disconnected me from my first love – sports. In those depressing times, the opportunity to be a part of the team and develop the GloFans App was the best thing that could have happened,” said Sugumar Kumara, a self-proclaimed sports fan. “With all my experience and passion for the sport, I can say GloFans is going to be the most engaging thing on an electronic device for Fans after live sports on TV”.

The first phase of the GloFans Sports Quiz App will offer questions with a variegated level of competitions on cricket. The difficulty levels will keep increasing as the game progresses and fans will get a chance to secure Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as per their game performance.

In the following phases, the app will include quiz on combat sports, NBA and eGaming.

The app will also have an option to suggest intriguing trivia to the questionnaire. The fans suggestions will be incorporated in the quiz after various levels of data scrutiny.

The app will come with a user-friendly interface, including advanced customisation, live match updates, variety of quiz formats, achievement badges, rewards and awards for the fans.

It will also feature a pool of rare cricket match data differentiating each delivery on various clinical matrixes.


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