Google is continually tinkering with its world-beating Gmail service. Silicon Valley’s email platform has this year received several upgrades to improve the Gmail experience. explains how best to maximise how best to manage your emails.

Staying on top of all the Gmail upgrades can be a tricky task.

This is particularly because Gmail introduces its updates in phases, meaning there are likely overlooked added features. has consequently compiled a compendium of the biggest recent upgrades to Google Gmail.

This range from Inline Action Buttons, Expanded Right-Click Menu, Snooze Messages, Gmail Nudge buttons and the New Write Now Send Later function.

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Gmail Inline Action buttons:

Inline action buttons pop-up on a message in the Gmail inbox to provide instant access to frequently-used actions.

From left to right, the four inline icons allow Gmail users to take manipulate a message as they wish.

These range from archiving, deleting, marking as read or unread and snoozing.

This option is popular with Gmail users as the buttons improve the platform’s way of performing one-off tasks.

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Expanded Gmail Right-Click menu:

Gmail recently began adding options when you right-click on a message with your mouse or hold down Control when clicking with your keyboard.

In addition to the archive, delete, read/unread and snooze options available as inline actions, the right-click menu now offers quick access to the reply, reply all and forward functions for a message.

Gmail users can also search for additional messages from that sender, move an email to a different inbox or apply labels to a message.

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The most popular function offered allows Gmail users to open a message in a new window when multiple emails are open.

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Gmail Snooze function:

Important emails requiring a thoughtful response often arrive.

Users’ options were usually restricted to either an immediate response or hoping to remember it later.

Gmail’s Snooze function is an improved approach to this latter problem.

Select the Snooze option, and Google Gmail makes a message go away, only to bring it back to your attention at a later time.

Gmail Nudge:

Gmail takes matters into its own hands if Google believes there is an email you need to respond to.

The Gmail Nudge AI algorithm notices if users have left an email sitting for a few days without a reply or whether someone has yet to respond to a query.

When activated, an inline message will appear, asking if maybe users wish to reply or follow-up to a question.

Gmail New Write Now Send Later:

Gmail is constantly upgrading Gmail and is currently working on a function allowing users to decide to send emails later at a date and time of your choosing.

The New Write Now Send Later feature is rolling out to Gmail accounts.

After composing an email, Gmail users can opt to schedule it to be sent out a later time.

Simply click on the options menu and from the drop-down menu that appears, select Schedule Send.



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