Google Autofill tests biometric support for passwords, payments on Android – Hindustan Times

Using unique password for online accounts is one of the easiest ways you can secure your digital life. However, having unique passwords for your online accounts can also be a little hard on the memory. That is where Google Autofill and other password managers come into picture.

But one key difference between third-party password managers and Google Autofill is that while they require secondary unlocking, Google Autofill doesn’t. But this might change soon.

According to a report by XDA Developers, Google is planning to add biometric support to Google Autofill. As a part of the process, the company is planning to use BiometricPrompt API to add a layer of security to the autofill password. Simply said, when this feature is live, users will be able to use fingerprint scans, face unlock or even iris scans, that was available in Galaxy S9, for authenticating passwords and payments using Google Autofill.

To put into perspective, once enabled users will be required to entire their biometric scan to log into sites or make payments online. Such a system would prevent hackers from gaining access to users’ online accounts even if they manage to gain access to their passwords.

That said, the feature is still in the testing phase and there is no saying when the company will make it available for its users around the globe.


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