Google Drive security update may affect file-sharing links for some users – Virginia Tech Daily

From: Division of Information Technology

Beginning September 13, 2021, Google will release a security update that will change the file-sharing links for files contained in individual and shared Google Drives for links that were created before November 2017. This change only applies to links which give access to non-native files in individual and shared Google Drives. Links for native Google files (e.g., Sheets/Docs/Slides, etc.) will not be impacted.

In preparation for this security update, starting July 26, 2021, Google will notify users who own or manage impacted files via email. This notification will contain a link to a list of the impacted files for that user to review. 

If you receive the notification from Google, you should carefully review the files and determine if you need to update any documents, web sites, or other items with the new, more-secure sharing link.

If you do not receive an email notification from Google between July 26 and September 13, no action is required. Google has not provided the university with the list of impacted users.

For more information, please refer to this Google Workspace update: Update to some Google Drive file links, admin decision recommended before July 23, 2021 (


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